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Homepage Redesigned!

Comments, Suggestions, Concerns? Post here about the new home page layout.

Regards, Lambda-11

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Actualy, WC. i am taking a Computer art class in a few weeks. I could try to work on it then. The icon you proposed, that is.

No problem. It will be good to be able to use the things I learn right away.
I really hope it still sort of resembles the original design though.

I will do my best, I can tell you that much. I doubt it will look too differant frok the original, though.


I was just looking through old threads and saw this one, wondering what exactly it is you want on the front

Even though i rly like the current one as well

//just curious


I think its fine for the most part, but I just think a couple tweaks would make it even better.

1. Slideshow needs more pictures.

2. Change the column showing recent blog posts to show recent thread/forum activity (or add it as another box on the bottom or something).

Well I can at least help with the pictures part

It's not necessary by any means, but I think a chat background would be pretty cool as well. 

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