In other news: We have a new Gdoc specifically for weapons, combat and Semblance! I'd rather not have to hound people as badly as I did for some parts of the character database, so go ahead and draw up a page according to this format:

Character Name

Primary: Weapon Name

  • Technology: this would be a sentence or two about any interesting technologies the weapon has. For example, Valarauco's element-variation feature.
  • Notable (function): How the character uses the weapon and how its technology affects its use. 
  • Notable (design): Pretty self-explanatory.
  • History (if any): The weapon does not necessarily need to have a backstory, but be creative!

Secondary: Weapon name

  • A short little blurb about the secondary weapon (if any), how its used, etc.

Auxiliary: Weapon/equipment name

  • Same as above

Semblance: Short paragraph about your character's Semblance. 

Fighting style: A couple sentences about fighting style, including strengths and weaknesses. 

I know it's tempting to get carried away and get super-technical with your descriptions, but for our sake, please try to include only relevant information, or at least make it easier to read. You know who you are. 

Either go ahead and put in in the Gdoc (which is now in the FORUM folder), or write it up on your own and contact me about it, then I can put it in. Whatever works.