Draco S. Fiche
Age 16
Title The Rookie
Nickname Draco
Status Active
UserName Draconic29
Gender Male MaleIcon.png
Race Faunus (Buutan)
Handedness Right-Handed
Eyes Amber
Height 5'10"
Weight 161 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Thoronath Crew, Mask Academy
Shipboard Duty Passenger
Planetside Duty Biology & Grimm Expert
Occupation Student
Weapon Varanus (Spear/Sniper Rifle),

Balisword Knife

Jobs Grimm Research Institute (Former)
Personal Status
Relatives Wyver (Father)

Della Siyam (Mother; Estranged) Nessa (Stepmother) Fleecy (Adopted Younger Sister)

Additional Info
Likes Children, Science-especially Biology, Being able to help others, Adventure, Sleeping, Researching Grimm
Dislikes Pollution, Unnecessarily deadly violence, Being useless, Being unable to help others, Bullies
Weaknesses Hyper, Impulsive, Mainly skilled in non-fatal combat, besides on Grimm


Draco's Aura is specialized in two ways: tracking and healing. In tracking, Draco uses the "aural signature" that is usually left behind after the recent usage of either someone's Aura and/or their Semblance to track them. Rather than simply following a "trail" of aura like some users do, he "senses" the Aura in the area around him, and detects the contrasting levels of Aura. Through the residual Aura that a person leaves behind, he is able to identify people who were previously in the area. However, one problem with this ability is that he cannot "check" a site where an engagement has recently taken place due to the fact that this disturbs the "stillness" of the residual Aura, a critical component of the tracking process.

In healing, Draco is incredibly skilled at healing himself and, to some extent, others. By spreading his Aura throughout his body, he is able to regenerate his cells at an rapid rate, thereby healing deep cuts within a couple hours whereas a normal recovery would take months. This is done through taking advantage of his natural healing abilities. Due to being part reptile, he is capable of regrowing certain bodyparts, mainly his toes, fingers, or his tongue. However, as this process is rather long, he has devised a method to accelerate the process, which is to put the stub against the detached finger or tongue, and sending Aura through both parts in order to mend them back together. Despite this, the procedure is still rather taxing on his Aura.


Draco's Semblance has yet to be revealed, although it may be connected to understanding living organisms.

Other AbilitiesEdit

Draco seems to have been trained in numerous restraining and self-defense techniques; his hand-to-hand skills suggests that he can even take on the likes of a Beowolf. With his high intelligence on biology, especial on Grimmology, he is capable of identifying the weaknesses and functions of Grimm. He also appears to be decently skilled with computers and other advanced technology, especially with equipment such as Scrolls.