Maki Kuronami
Maki (Portrait)
Age  ???
Title The Political Prisoner
Alias Intellectual Rapist
Nickname Maki-Maki
Status Active
UserName Maki Kuronami, the Intellectual Rapist
Gender Female FemaleIcon.png
Race Human?
Handedness Right-handed
Complexion Pale
Hair Light Blue
Eyes Light Blue
Height 164.2 cm
Weight 52.1 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Unknown
Shipboard Duty Political Prisoner
Planetside Duty Lazy Resident/Scout/Living Lie Detector
Occupation Prisoner
Weapon Lost Wing (Cutlass), Hidden Flintlock pistol
Jobs None
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Additional Info
IQ 156 (She said. It's actually 96)


Maki mostly keeps quiet about her past. But it can be considered a crime-filled one. She shows a lot of hatred for the original crew members of the ship, especially WC-83. She sometimes claims to be a witch from a distant world.