Opaque Anity
Age 18
Title Messenger
Nickname Opa, Opaqua
Status Inactive
Gender Female FemaleIcon.png
Race Faunus-Human hybrid
Complexion Tan
Hair Black
Eyes Green (Changes occasionally)
Height 5'7"
Weight 155 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Unknown (For now)
Shipboard Duty Errand girl, Maid
Planetside Duty Messenger
Occupation Messenger
Weapon Pod Revolver (Santo Alma), knife
Jobs Messenger (primary), Maid (temporary)
Personal Status
Relatives Dana Anity (Mother), Baron (Aunt)
Additional Info
Emblem Logo
IQ Classified (But very high)
Weaknesses Injured hands, weak health


Opaque's mother was a rather poor human who had an affair with a horned male Faunus right before her marriage to a wealthy Huntsman. This caused her family to go into an uproar and her parents threatened to disown her if she didnt get rid of the child, who resembled her father but didnt have his Faunus traits. Not having the heart to kill her child, Opaque's mother gave birth to her under her half sisters supervision in an old abandoned truck on the side of a road. She raised Opaque in secret, leaving Opaque in a cabin in the woods, and only returning to give her food and clothes. A woman calling herself Opaque's aunt would also visit to check on her. But one day they just stopped coming altogether, and Opaque decided to fend for herself instead of waiting for them.

Opa 2

Opaque at 12 years old with her symbol.

Eventually Opaque became a messenger, finding happiness in being in the middle of wars such as the Faunus War. But when the wars ended and the towns she traveled to became abnormally boring, Opaque learned of a need for workers aboard an airship and gladly volunteered, hoping her reward would be adventure. Of course, she was disappointed when she found out that she was going to be assigned to being room service and cook's assistant. Opaque knew that something crucial was about to happen in her life though, and that if she would die soon, she should die having an adventure.


Currently unknown.