Opaque Anity
Age 18
Title Messenger
Nickname Opa, Opaqua
Status Inactive
Gender Female FemaleIcon.png
Race Faunus-Human hybrid
Complexion Tan
Hair Black
Eyes Green (Changes occasionally)
Height 5'7"
Weight 155 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Unknown (For now)
Shipboard Duty Errand girl, Maid
Planetside Duty Messenger
Occupation Messenger
Weapon Pod Revolver (Santo Alma), knife
Jobs Messenger (primary), Maid (temporary)
Personal Status
Relatives Dana Anity (Mother), Baron (Aunt)
Additional Info
Emblem Logo
IQ Classified (But very high)
Weaknesses Injured hands, weak health


Opaque is extremely talkative around those she is comfortable with. However, she frequently offends other people due to her tendency to speak without thinking beforehand.

She is very resourceful when it comes to things like cooking, cleaning, and navigating, but is extremely lazy at the same time. Opaque's friends (if she had any at all) usually call her "Opa" or "Opaqua". She also has a tendency to blend Spanish and English when she is angry.

Opaque doesn't realize it at times, but she comes off as cold to people she doesn't trust or know, which often drives people away from her. She is usually found reading a book or sketching something she finds strange (a habit that sometimes yields things that are turn out to be useful in the future). Opaque is very humorous and laughs at almost anything she finds clever, but usually under her breath. At the same time, she is very offended when someone calls her weak, even though in private, she herself believes that she is.

Opaque has a tendacy to curse or make an outburst when she is flustered or angry. On the other hand, when she is fond of someone, she usually avoids him/her and treats him/her in a rude manner until she can accept that person as a friend.

Opaque is very sarcastic and sometimes refers to herself in third person when mocking someone (for example: saying, "Si, Opaque is very sorry you're a bufon'!)