Opaque Anity
Age 18
Title Messenger
Nickname Opa, Opaqua
Status Inactive
Gender Female FemaleIcon.png
Race Faunus-Human hybrid
Complexion Tan
Hair Black
Eyes Green (Changes occasionally)
Height 5'7"
Weight 155 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Unknown (For now)
Shipboard Duty Errand girl, Maid
Planetside Duty Messenger
Occupation Messenger
Weapon Pod Revolver (Santo Alma), knife
Jobs Messenger (primary), Maid (temporary)
Personal Status
Relatives Dana Anity (Mother), Baron (Aunt)
Additional Info
Emblem Logo
IQ Classified (But very high)
Weaknesses Injured hands, weak health


Opaque has proven on multiple occasions that she is very difficult to lie to. She is surprisingly strong as she consistently wins at arm wrestling. She has a very good poker face, and has a knack for finding hidden passageways. In battle, Opaque is very useful for targeting far away enemies. Unfortunately, without proper use of her Aura or her weapons, Opaque is very vulnerable to melee attacks, as her fists along with other parts of her body, are still recovering from the 'incident'.  It should also be noted that Opaque has incredibly good eyesight. 


As far as she knows, she is unable to use her Semblance. Despite this, her mother once told her her Semblance had something to do with her eyesight before she vanished. 

Her Aura is unknown at this time.