Age Unknown (but old)
Title The Enforcer
Alias Pyrrhomaniac


Status Active
UserName Pyrrhomaniac
Gender Male MaleIcon.png
Race Human
Handedness Left (but is equally skilled with right)
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Unknown
Height 1.65m
Weight Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Unknown
Shipboard Duty N/A
Planetside Duty Muscle,Weapons/Combat Specialist
Weapon See "Known Weapons" section.
Additional Info
Likes See "Hobbies/Likes" section.
Dislikes See "Dislikes" section.
Special Skills See "Skills" Section.
Weaknesses See "Weaknesses" section

Pyrrhon is a character from FORUM: The Manga.


Pyrrhon's memories prior to his time on the Thoronath have auto-locked themselves within his brain due to his defensive training, making his behavior similar to that of a person who has amnesia. It is unknown who or what triggered this reflexive mental lockdown. Despite this, he does remember his name and is aware of the fact that he has lived for a extremely long period time. He also knows that he has spent a lot of that time hunting for knowledge (though this cannot be confirmed at this time). It is evident that he has had very extensive training and experience in the field of combat. Furthermore, when coming across things he is familiar with (which are mostly things he brought), he will unconsciously remember its use and function (hence allowing him to use his weapons and maintain his fighting style).

The disconnection with his memories has also caused Pyrrhon to suffer from something similar to split personality, resulting in occasional inconsistencies and hypocrisy. In addition, the mental lockdown has prevented him from fully utilizing his combat skills and abilities. Pyrrhon will also sometimes use certain words and terminology that are foreign to the world. He appears to be unfamiliar with Dust and only uses it for makeshift elemental grenades/explosives. As a result, he is slightly weaker against Dust-users in combat due to him being unfamiliar with them. That being said, Pyrrhon will still be able to adapt to the situation and it is likely that this issue will be eventually negated with his gradual familiarization of the world as time passes.

Due to WC's position as (ex-)captain and sheriff, Pyrrhon usually follows WC-83's orders to-the-letter (sometimes to the latter’s annoyance). This is also partially a result of Pyrrhon's strong sense of military discipline and order. At the same time, he also respects Angren Túrë to a limited degree for his extensive knowledge and learning habits.


As Pyrrhon is unable to access his memories, his past is currently unknown.

Appearance within F.O.R.U.M.Edit

He has not made a physical appearance within the story as of yet.