Appearance, Personality

Age Unknown (but old)
Title The Enforcer
Alias Pyrrhomaniac


Status Active
UserName Pyrrhomaniac
Gender Male MaleIcon.png
Race Human
Handedness Left (but is equally skilled with right)
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Unknown
Height 1.65m
Weight Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Unknown
Shipboard Duty N/A
Planetside Duty Muscle,Weapons/Combat Specialist
Weapon See "Known Weapons" section.
Additional Info
Likes See "Hobbies/Likes" section.
Dislikes See "Dislikes" section.
Special Skills See "Skills" Section.
Weaknesses See "Weaknesses" section


Pyrrhon wears a plain olive-green cap, a long-sleeved brown shirt, dark blue pants, brown military boots and a black overcoat, along with a green, fully equipped RRV-esque (Rhodesian Reconnaissance Vest) harness under the overcoat. Pyrrhon himself appears to be rather short, but is a well-toned and lean man looking to anywhere from his late-twenties to his mid-thirties, along with dark brown hair. He also always wears black bulletproof sunglasses that are capable of limited thermal imaging and night vision. If it is raining, he will wear a hooded cloak instead of the overcoat.

Draft Avatar 1

Crude Concept Art


Pyrrhon is good at following and giving orders/instructions (maybe too good at the former) (kind of like Freckles in RvB, but more like a junior officer). He is also: logical (but capable of creativity), (usually) a man of few words, careful, and has a strong willpower, valorous, flexible/adaptable, a strong fighter, and secretive (to variable degrees), while also believing that uncessesary death should be kept to a minimum. However, he suffers from having a weak sense of ethics and morality (for example, he does not mind brutality or torture) and will sometimes shift between being immature to being mature due to having a condition resembling that of split personality.


Video games, technology/engineering, history, the art of war, reading, cleanliness/neatness, mountaineering/rock climbing, hearing T.O.M.M. insult people, honorable/chivalrous behavior, logical reasoning, knowledge, fire and explosives, ROE (Rules of Engagement) (orders override this, however).


Rather intolerant of stupidity (though chances are that he won’t show it), dishonorable behavior, Lack of reasoning, pacifists (this is variable).