Pyrrhomaniac excels at combat and warfare of all types in all levels (except at Dust usage). He also possesses a wide array of armaments and extensive armor, though much of it cannot be seen. He is also very good with technology/machinery, as well as having remarkable mountaineering/climbing skills.


Pyrrhomaniac wears a plain olive green cap, a long sleeved brown shirt, dark blue pants, brown military boots and a black overcoat, along with a fully equipped RRV-esque (Rhodesian Reconnaissance Vest) harness under the overcoat. Pyrrhomaniac himself appears to be rather short, but is a well-toned and lean man looking to anywhere from his late-twenties to his mid-thirties, along with dark brown hair. He also always wears black bulletproof sunglasses that are capable of limited thermal imaging and night vision. If it is raining, he will wear a hooded cloak instead of the overcoat.