Skills & Abilities

Renfield Wolf
Age 22
Title N/A
Alias N/A
Nickname big bad wolf
Status Active
UserName Bigbadwolfman
Gender Male MaleIcon.png
Race Human
Handedness Right-handed
Complexion Light
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Height 5 ft 9 in
Weight 132 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Thoronath Crew
Shipboard Duty N/A
Planetside Duty Owner of the "Dustbuster" dust shop
Occupation Unlicensed Dust researcher
Weapon Lunatic Garou, a Shashka-type Muti-Action Dust Saber.
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown

Fighting StyleEdit

Wolf was trained in mounted combat, which includes horses as well as other beasts of war that humanity has brought into the fight against the Grimm. However, his training extends beyond that; in his later years, he learned to drive motorcycles and urban vehicles.

When not on a vehicle, he uses a bizarre mix of martial arts, swordsmanship, and even professional wrestling.

Wolf uses the Lunatic Garou, a saber that uses Dust crystals. It only possesses two slots for crystals, located inside the blade's grip.

The two crystals that he uses the most are Gold (short-distance teleportation that leaves a flash of light where Renfield should be), and Red (a medium to long range fire-based attack). He has other crystals on him, permitting a diverse range of capabilities.


His Aura is also below average when it comes to defence. However, it can still help his strength and, to a lesser extent, his speed.

Renfield has discovered his Semblance, However he is scared of using it. always second guessing himself when ever he thinks about using it, Even for a second.