Tactical Offensive & Maintenance MIND (Meta-Intelligence of New Developments)
Age  ???
Title The Sentient Program
Alias Ruler Over All Organics
Nickname T.O.M.M.
Status Active
UserName PerhapsTheOtherOne
Gender Male MaleIcon.png
Race Artificial Intelligence
Professional Status
Affiliation Thoronath Crew
Shipboard Duty Guidance System/Diagnostic Maintenance/Security Surveillance/Emergency Cyber Warfare
Planetside Duty Security Surveillance/Diagnostic Maintenance
Occupation Shipboard A.I.
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Additional Info
IQ 9001 (Simplified to average of 90 in terms of speech when in presence of organics)

T.O.M.M. has served with the Thoronath crew for a decent amount of time, acting mainly as a navigation and maintenance system. All inquiries regarding T.O.M.M.'s service prior to his time on the Thoronath have come up with nothing other than the phrase: "ERROR. FILE REDACTED".