Hey folks! Another week, another discussion in the chat! This week, we discussed the following:

  • Character arcs
  • The Big Bad and his subordinates
  • The "White Fang" (actually Mercenaries)
  • Semblance and Aura
  • Relationships to the Big Bad

Brief Gist of Character Information that was Discussed

The Enemies

  • The Siren = Ninja Assassin Master.

  • The Bastion = Tanky Hulking Brute.

  • The Builder = Tech Specialized Mechanic.

  • The Reaver = Second-in Command and Professional Villain.

  • O/The Organizer = Tragic Expert All-Knowing Big Bad.

The Heroes

  • Angren: Greatest thief/criminal in his planet's history, was misinterpreted by Maki.

  • WoW: Former assassin gone rogue after falling in love with a target. Had a daughter that was stolen and became a friendly amnesiac.

  • T.O.M.M.: Was an attempt to recreate O's daughter and had absorbed the personality of said daughter, youthful O, and all the surrounding knowledge. Eventually escaped and "grew up."

Be sure to check in next week; same time, same place!