It has come to my attention that the RWBY Fanon is also in the process of creating a manga series to serve as a combination of some popular fan creations on the site. Now, why must I bring this up? Well, you see, they've become a force to be reckoned with. They have paid artists and writers whom have had specific training for it. We are the underdogs here, being a simple rag-tag team of fans whom wished to simply create a collective product out of our love for the RWBY series. However, they, having been based around the Fanon Wiki, have access to a wider audience. I have no doubts that we will eventually outlast them, but the road ahead will be bumpy. I want you all, members of FORUM, to ask yourselves why we're here, why we joined the project, why we decided to make this a thing! We must brave the fires of being stuck in the shadows, and light the way to victory over our opposition! We must show them that we are not to be pushed around and underestimated! We must show them that we are better than they could ever hope to be, despite our inexperience, our lack of resources, and our slow progression! We must show them why FORUM is its own entity, despite its origins from the RWBY Wiki!